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Bell Tent

Add some style and glamour to your camping and buy bell tents online. Bell tents are a great camping solution for families and couples, or for groups of mates looking to get away in style.

Bell tents can maximise the usable space in a tent because of the single pole design. With just one pole in the middle, bell tents are secured with tension guy-wire to keep the tent erect. This allows for fun to be had in the tent with loads of room to move and get comfortable.

The bell tent is large enough to stand up in and there is also plenty of room for other items too. Bikes can be stored in the tent with you overnight so that you know they are secure and safe at all times. Bell tents can also be purchased with porches attached so that you have somewhere sheltered to go while you unlace your boots.

Bell tents are spacious and comfortable camping options that offer you versatility and glamour whenever you camp. Available in a range of different sizes, bell tents can suit all types of camping trip and the canvas will help to keep the heat of the sun out to allow a more comfortable camping experience too. Buy bell tents Australia today to upgrade your camping trip this summer.


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