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The Best Deals on Lotus Belle Australia has to Offer

Lotus Belle Tent Australia are a new and innovative form of tent to turn your camping into glamping this summer. Designed to look stylish and be highly functional, the Lotus Belle is a versatile tent for families, friends and couples to enjoy. With plenty of available space in the Lotus Belle, there is room to store everything you need for a week of adventure in this home from home. Keep your bikes or other outdoor kit inside the tent with you at night to ensure you can keep it safe and make use of the ample space.

The Lotus Belle is perfectly suited for use in Australia as it has a velcro groundsheet. This will help to keep the bugs out to keep your tent as a sterile and safe environment for all. The tent is also fitted with two doors so you can allow a breeze to pass through and cool the tent. The white canvas will also help to keep the heat of the sun off and prevent your tent from becoming too hot in the summer sun. Instead of roasting in your tent every morning you can now enjoy a cool and relaxing camping experience.

Buy Lotus Belle online to get your summer plans underway and upgrade your camping experience this year.


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