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Teepee Tent

Teepee tents for camping are a great option for adding some style and glamour to your camping trips this summer. The Teepee shape was widely embraced by North Americans because they are highly functional and very good at dealing with all weather conditions.

The teepee uses a single centre pole that gives extreme tensile strength to the tent. When correctly pitched, a teepee will withstand gale force winds and any weather conditions that you care to throw at it. With just a single pole in the centre, this tent form is also very easy to erect.

There is loads of room to enjoy inside your teepee and this can really help you to make the most out of your camping trip. With room to store your bikes and other kit inside, you can rest assured that they are safe while you sleep at night. Alternatively, you can sleep more people in the teepee and still have room to lie back in comfort and spread out.

Teepees tents in Australia are also perfect for the midday sun because the heavy canvas helps to keep out the heat. The teepees also have a system that allows the walls to be cinched up during the heat of the day to allow a breeze to pass through the tent. If you are likely to be in your tent in the day then the cooling properties of the teepee will make your camping trip far more comfortable.

Turn your camping into glamping this summer with our Teepee tents for sale.


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