Bring Opulence to Your Adelaide Camping Trips With our Luxury Canvas, Teepee and Glamping Tents

When it comes to camping with luxury tents in Adelaide, Glamping Emporium is the optimal place to find well-manufactured quality luxury tents from respected vendors. Campers and glampers can select from an assortment of canvas, tepee, bell, and lotus belle tents in various sizes to meet your outdoor shelter needs, suitable for overnight, weekend or extended camping trips. Adelaide adventurers can enjoy luxurious accommodation in all outdoor settings.

We Know Australian Campers and Glampers

Glamping Emporium is an Australian-based company with an innate understanding of the needs of our camping and glamping clientele. We appreciate that you want to enjoy spending time communing with nature yet still enjoy some of the creature comforts of your home environment. Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with just the right luxury tents to meet your needs.

Whether you are camping for the first time or have been camping more times than you can remember, embarking on an adults-only overnight hiking trip or taking an extended camping holiday with your family can be comfortable. Our selection of tents will ensure that everyone in your entourage - from the most experienced adult to the tiniest camper - can relax and rest easy in the comfort and opulence of our luxury or teepee tents. We ship our tents throughout Australia, and our friendly and informative staff are more than happy to assist you with any questions or help place an order.

Bell, Teepee and Lotus Belle Canvas Tents for Adelaide Glamping

Glamping tents available in Adelaide come a long way from the days of purchasing unreliable, one size fits all, polyester fabric camping tents that fail to offer adequate protection from the elements. The bell, teepee and lotus belle canvas tents we sell in Adelaide are designed to be reliable, easy to use, functional and attractive during every camping trip you take. Our belle tents come in a variety of sizes to perfectly accommodate one or two campers or a small group of campers in style and comfort. The single pole anchor and guy wire included with our bell tents make them easy to install and ensure they stay erect and secured in place.

Bell tents are designed to allow campers to stand upright inside them and be comfortable when sleeping or sitting. Our teepee tents offered in Adelaide are very similar to the teepees historically utilised by North American indigenous tribes. Just like the bell tents, our spacious teepee tents have a single pole design to enable quick pitching and room to accommodate multiple campers and their equipment safely. Our lotus belle tents are particularly suitable for the tiniest campers and those with an aversion to insects as they come equipped with Velcro groundsheets to keep the interior ground surface of the tent clean and keep ground insects from gaining entry. Lotus belle tents have two doors, which allow for dual entry and exit points, and can be used to circulate fresh air inside the tent. The durable canvas material all the tents are constructed from ensure the occupants are well-protected from the variable weather conditions that we encounter outdoors.

Let us know if you need to know more about how our luxury teepees, bell, and lotus belle tents can help you go from camping to glamping.


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