Glamping Emporium Offers Luxury Canvas Teepee Tents in Brisbane

Go camping in style in Brisbane with luxury tents from Glamping Emporium. Glamping is a mash-up of glamorous and camping, and we are passionate about supplying you with the living quarters so you can be your glamorous self even in the open wilds of Australia or in your backyard in Brisbane.

Types of Glamping Tents in Brisbane

Several types of glamping tents are available suit your needs and style. Bell tents are canvas tents that have a central pole which supports the canvas in the middle. The canvas is stretched out and held by guy ropes along the circumference creating a circular floor plan.

Bell tents are spacious on the inside allowing an adult to stand fully erect and giving you plenty of floor space for eating, relaxing, sleeping and storing your gear. In addition to the top canvas covering, bell tents have side walls that can be rolled up and down for your comfort.

Teepees are similar to bell tents because they are supported by a central pole and secured in a circular formation by guy ropes. Teepees, however, don’t have the side walls of a bell tent and continue to taper to the ground. The structure makes them a bit more resistant to strong winds than other canvas tents. They also have an opening in the top that allows smoke to escape if you have a small campfire or wood stove.

The newest innovation in glamping is the Lotus Belle tent. It is stylishly designed with a similar top canvas to a standard bell tent. However, the side walls curve around and are attached to a canvas ground cover to keep you more protected from creepy crawlies. It still has the benefits of a round floor plan for plenty of living space. View all our luxury glamping tents and teepee tents to get a clearer idea of the differences.

Glamping Tents Aren’t Just for Camping

Our luxury tents are beautiful, sturdy, and easy to erect so they make great gear for glamping, but you can enjoy them without ever leaving your property. Our canvas and tepee tents can enhance your outdoor living space by supplying you with an instant enclosed patio. You can relax in your backyard and enjoy the fresh air when you get home from work while being protected from the hot sun.

Our luxury tents are large enough to house whole patio sets and various seating arrangements. They are great for guests to enjoy when you entertain. If you have overnight guests, they will feel like they are living in luxury if our glamping or teepee tents are their accommodation.

If you have any questions about our luxury canvas glamping or tepee tents, please contact Glamping Emporium. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to answer all your questions or help you order. We strive to bring the joys of glamping to all of Australia, so we ship anywhere in the country including Brisbane.


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