Glamping Emporium in Melbourne Can Elevate Your Camping Excursions with Luxury and Teepee Canvas Tents

Are you an experienced camper who wants to take your camping experience to the next level, or are you a neophyte camper who doesn’t relish the idea of roughing it in the Australian wild? Whether you are an experienced or new camper, Glamping Emporium offers a range of luxury lifestyle camping tents to give you and your fellow campers the opportunity to experience nature’s outdoor beauty while enjoying indoor opulence. Camping in one of our tents is an experience that is unlike anything enjoyed by previous generations of campers.

Camping Versus Glamping with Luxury Tents in Melbourne

Camping is an activity that is enjoyed by many to varying degrees. Some like spending the day hiking and exploring different types of terrain; some relish the challenge of weathering the elements and being at one with nature. Others fall somewhere in between, or they are new to camping and want to experience camping for the very first time. Regardless of your level of experience, there is a distinction between camping and glamping.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in traditional camping, but one of the drawbacks of overnight camping excursions is the prospect of sleeping comfortably outdoors. This alone is one reason why many aspire to go camping but never make an attempt. Camping usually involves pitching a small store-bought tent, placing a sleeping bag on the ground and hoping to stay protected from the sun, an unexpected rainstorm or powerful wind gusts.

A portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping,” glamping elevates the camping experience considerably by making the outdoor accommodation less harsh, giving you the benefit of enjoying nature’s beauty without sacrificing personal comfort.

Luxurious Teepee and Glamping Tents for Your Melbourne Camping Trips

Whether you’re on a solo trip, camping with your partner or best mate, camping with a group of friends for fun, or with a group of co-workers for team building exercises, Australian-based Glamping Emporium tents are quality made, well-known brands and consistently provide luxury, style, and comfort for all to enjoy. Our teepee tents used for camping in Melbourne are an excellent option to meet your glamping needs for all types of trips and all group sizes. Our canvas tents are perfect for glamping in Melbourne and can withstand the varying weather conditions.

Glamping Emporium’s canvas teepee tents are the perfect balance of style, luxury, durability, and function. Our teepee tents are equipped with a single pole design that makes it easy to pitch. When you erect your teepee tents correctly, they’re capable of withstanding the harsh weather conditions glampers may encounter, including hot sun rays, downpours and gale force winds. Our teepee tents also provide glampers with ample interior space, something that isn’t always readily found in other camps.

Traditional canvas tents usually have enough space to accommodate one or two people at rest, and little else. Our canvas teepees provide enough space for multiple people to enjoy rest and relaxation while inside and offers adequate space to store glamping kits and bicycles while you’re resting safely. Our bell and lotus belle tents offer glampers the same benefits. Lesser constructed tents aren’t consistently able to provide the same level of comfort and protection. Elevate your next camping trip with one of our luxury canvas tents and teepees.


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