Go Glamping in Sydney with Luxury Canvas and Teepee Tents from Glamping Emporium

When people think of camping, they might think about roughing it the wilderness with very little of the comforts of home. People might also think of caravanning where you tow your house and park it in a campground. One of the newest styles of camping lets you experience the wilderness like traditional camping while enjoying the luxury of caravanning and that new style is glamping or glamorous camping.

Glamping tents are more sophisticated than traditional ones, are roomy and easy to set up. Glamping Emporium is eager to share the pleasures of glamping with people in Sydney and throughout Australia. You can learn more about glamping and why we encourage you to give it a try.

It Wasn’t Always about Luxury: The History of Bell and Teepee Tents

Both bell and tepee tents have a single tall central pole as their primary support surrounded by guy ropes fastened to the ground that supply tension for stability. Both provide a sizeable circular floor plan however they have different histories. Teepees were used initially by native North Americans while bell tents are a variation of the tepee designed in the 1850s.

Teepees originally used about 12 poles instead of guy ropes and were made of animal pelts. They were designed to be mobile for travelling bands of people to follow herds of buffalo or to migrate with seasonal variations. The peak of the teepee was open, so the smoke from a fire inside could escape.

The bell tent was designed by an officer in the US Army, and it integrated many of the same features of the teepee. It was named the Sibley tent for the officer who designed it. They were used by the US and British militaries to the end of the 19th century. Modern bell tents are a bit different because they have side walls, guy ropes, and no longer have a smoke hole at the top.

Today’s bell and teepee tents are made from heavy-duty canvas that is resistant to fire, rain, and mildew. The canvas makes them quite difficult to carry so they wouldn’t be the tent of choice for backpackers but ideal for glampers. Their large floor plans and stylish design make them perfect luxury tents.

Size Matters: Glamping Tents in Sydney

Our canvas tents all have a circular floor plan but come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Bell tents can have a floor diameter of 3, 4, 5, or 6 metres while teepee tents have 4, 5, or 6 metre diameters. An adult can stand upright in the centre of our luxury tents. We also offer the Lotus Belle Mahal which is a versatile 3-tent design for large gatherings. Its total floor area is 65 square metres.

Contact Glamping Emporium to discuss our line of luxury canvas tents or for with help in ordering. Our friendly staff provides knowledgeable customer service, and we will ship your glamping tents to Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

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