6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent
6 Metre Bell Tent

6 Metre Bell Tent


DESCRIPTION Here at Glamping Emporium, we looked and the classic bell tent design and decided it needed a little something more. Our 6m bell tent...

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Here at Glamping Emporium, we looked and the classic bell tent design and decided it needed a little something more. Our 6m bell tent is packed it with features to provide you with ease of use, style, versatility and comfort. The Ultimate bell tent can be used not only for casual glamping and luxury camps, but also for family camping, festivals, garden parties, back yard lounging, and three season use. The 600, with its stylish dual doors and expansive 28.3m2 of space is perfect for groups!

The rip-stop groundsheet is vapour and water impermeable and attaches to the tent with a burly zipper in size 10 that runs around the tent’s perimeter. Giving you the ability to roll up the canvas side walls and let the breeze in and remove the floor for easier transport, storage, cleaning or to enjoy the lush grass when camping!


Our groundsheets are made of durable, thermally welded, 650g/m² rip-stop PVC. Completely water and vapour proof, the floor is a ‘bathtub style’ that rises 10cm high around the tent to keep you dry even in standing water. Using a size 10, heavy duty zipper that attaches the sidewall to the groundsheet, you can unzip the floor which allows you to roll up the canvas walls for increased ventilation. A tail gate style system of secure eyes and hooks will allow you to drop the bathtub floor near the door and peg it flat to the ground, helping to prevent tripping and make it easy to clean.

Spring Loaded Poles

Our durable steel poles are nickel-plated and have internal spring loaded wires that help to guide the pole sections together for quick and simple assembly. Additionally, the tent’s centre pole has a welded lanyard ring which can be used to hang an inner tent, a lantern or even a chandelier.

Dual A-frame Doors

With two A-frame doors on either side of the tent the 600 Double-Door is our largest and most accessible Bell Tent yet!

The bell tent's signature A-frame doors allows for easy entry and exit while also holding the canvas at 90 degrees from the ground to prevent rain from falling into the tent when you are coming in and out. Our bell tent’s spring-loaded poles snap together simply to allow for easy set-up, fast take down, and organized storage. The tent’s floor is equipped with two stirrups that hold the foot poles for the A-frame securely in place. The top of our A-frame doors are equipped with a pin that sits in a grommet at the peak of the door to ensure proper placement. A rain cap is then placed over the pin and grommet to keep rain from running down any of the poles. The canvas doors on the bell tent zip together vertically as well as along the bathtub floor and also come standard with sewn in mesh doors on both entrances. Each side of the door is equipped with ropes and loops to tie back the canvas and/or mesh doors back neatly to hold them open when they are not in use.

Windows and Vents

Every one of our bell tents comes with windows and vents that are covered in no-see-um mesh to keep out bugs while also providing airflow and ventilation. Our half-moon windows have zip up covers to allow you to customize your desired level of both ventilation and privacy. Each window in the tent is equipped with loop fasteners to hold the covers back neatly when the tent windows are unzipped.

Durable Guy Lines and Tensioners

Our bell tents come with 3mm guy ropes that should be tied onto the tent before the first time you pitch it. Furthermore, to prolong the life of your tent, plastic tensioners have been included to prevent edges from slicing into the guy lines.

Steel Stakes and Pegs

The Ultimate bell tent stakes and groundsheet pegs are designed for simplicity when pitching your tent in average earth, like grass or forest floor. For pitching a tent in especially hard or rocky soil, D60 nails are cheap and can be placed and removed with a claw hammer.

Ultimate Canvas

Our army duck canvas weighing 320g/m² is the perfect balance of performance and breathability. Our Ultimate treatment enhances the natural water resistance of the canvas, along with a light mould and UV resistance. The Ultimate bell tent is ideal for camping in mild to moderate climates for three season use. Our tents are repairable and re-treatable and a properly maintained Ultimate bell tent will last you for many years. With a double-stitched, flat-felled roof and side wall seams, seam gussets, and double-layer construction at all stress points, we have created a bell tent that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Cotton canvas provides a level of natural breathability and waterproofing. Cotton fibres swell when they become damp and the tight weave prevents rain from penetrating the fabric while the surface tension of moisture on the outside combined with the angle of the canopy allows water to simply run off. Furthermore, the unique nature of the cotton canvas means that any moisture held in the air on the inside of the tent is still able to escape directly through the fabric, keeping internal humidity low and mitigating condensation.


The canvas that is used in our bell tents is 100% cotton. Made from the seed hair of this hardy and drought tolerant plant, our cotton is sustainable and one of the most biodegradable fabrics on earth. Our canvas is a soft, earthy beige that glows inside and out with either natural or artificial lighting. Glamping Emporium is the only tent manufacture to carry the official Seal of Cotton®.

Stove Compatibility

Our bell tents can be easily adapted to fit a modular stove jack for a stove. Please note that proper placement of the stove is dependent on the size of the stove, your desired temperature, and the stove’s intended use. Simply cut a hole in your desired flu exit location and screw on the stove jack. We encourage that all stove users are vigilant about fire safety and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Glamping Emporium cannot be held liable for any injury or damage to persons or property as a result of the use or misuse of fire or flammable materials in or around our tents.


Size and Weight

  • Diameter: 600cm
  • Center Pole Height: 355cm
  • Two A-frame doors height: 185cm
  • Door width: 235cm
  • Floor space: 28.3m2
  • Side Wall Height: 60cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Boxed Dimensions: Tent: 118cmx46cmx32cm, Poles: 112cmx20cmx12cm


  • Zip in/out bathtub style groundsheet
  • Roll up canvas side wall
  • Sewn in mesh door
  • Spring loaded poles for easy set up
  • Durable ropes, stakes, and poles
  • Dual A-frame doors

 Facts and Stats

  • 1 Person Pitch time on grass: 17 minutes
  • Wind Resistance: up to 80km/h
  • Sleeps 6 ‘glamping’ style on 3 queens beds
  • Sleeps 12 ‘camping’ style on 12 sleeping pads
  • Compatible with Stove Jack, 600 Double Door Inner Tent, Bell Tent connector, chandelier, and coat rack



      • 650g/m² ripstop PVC bathtub floor, zip in/out, completely removable, 10cm high
      • 320g/m² 100 % cotton canvas.  Lightly treated for water, UV, and mold resistance for maximum breathability.
      • 32mm spring-loaded nickel plated steel center pole with rubber feet
      • (2) 23mm spring-loaded nickel plated steel A-frame pole with rubber feet
      • 2 sewn-in mesh doors
      • 16 3mm guy ropes with tensioners, must be tied on for first pitch
      • 16 steel guy line stakes
      • 17 ground sheet pegs
      • 4 no-see-um mesh covered peak vents
      • 4 no-see-um mesh half moon windows with zip up canvas cover
      • Cotton canvas carry bag
      • Pole and stake bags
      • Pole spring repair kit


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